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With over 20 years in early childhood education we are the right choice for your child's first classroom experience. We are highly skilled and we take your child's safety and well being very seriously. Our staff has been hand picked to help provide the best early education services available. We enjoy getting to know each of the children and their families and we sincerely look forward to meeting you!

Room 2 Grow a top rated Daytime Nursery School/Preschool Located In Plymouth, Massachusetts - Room 2 Grow the Best Preschool for kids in Plymouth MA

Carol Petersen

Founder of Room 2 Grow nursery School is a Certified Nursery School Director and Lead Teacher with more than 30 years of experience in early childhood education. Carol's passion and dedication to helping children reach their early childhood education goals has set her apart in a highly competitive market. Her approach to education, safety, and the overall well being of her students has resonated with parents of the Plymouth area.

Room 2 Grow top rated Child Pre-School Located In Plymouth, Massachusetts - Room 2 Grow the Best Preschool for kids in Plymouth MA

Denise Noyes

Denise is our certified EEC (Early Education & Care) lead teacher at R2G. She adds many years of expertise and experience to our staff. Denise is our resident Master of Arts and Crafts at R2G. She promotes and encourages creativity and originality and is responsible for the children's 1st Artistic Masterpieces. Denise is very imaginative and is the voice behind Dolores "Our R2G mascot" who has instructed and entertained children and parents at R2G for many years.

Room 2 Grow top rated early childhood education - Room 2 Grow Child Preschool Located near me In Plymouth, Massachusetts

Sharon Guest

Sharon is our certified EEC teacher at R2G. Sharon has taught at R2G for 20 years. Sharon's organizational skills and eagerness for learning have helped her guide the children in their initial academic adventure. She is very in tune with a child's need for activity, so she instructs them in basic yoga techniques, just one of her many specialties.

Room 2 Grow the best Daytime Childcare service Located In Plymouth, Massachusetts- Room 2 Grow the Best Preschool near me in Plymouth MA

Maryann Keris

Maryann Keris is currently our Teacher's Aide at R2G. She's a graduate of BSU and has taught children from preschool to high school. Maryann played an instrumental role in the founding of Room 2 Grow with Carol more than 20 years ago. She's talented, creative, and is responsible for the writing of many of the special songs and verses taught to the children at R2G. Maryann is very nurturing and best known at R2G for her smiles and hugs.

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